Wk2 – Activity – Sculpture


Courtney’s and my hand molds (2 left belong to Courtney, right 2 belong to me)

For this weeks activity we had hand plasters at the beach, which is something I have never done.  It was really easy but also a lot of fun!  Courtney and I decided we would go together and just share our supply. Between the both of us we had 1 shovel, 1 5 gallon bucket, 1 4.4 lbs carton of Plaster of Paris, 3 stir sticks (you only need one), and a paint brush (optional).  In total I think we spent about $10 for the project since we had most of the items at home.  We made two hand molds each however, on our 2 last mold we didn’t fill them up all the way since we were running out of plaster.  In addition I think we didn’t put enough water and there were still some chunks in our mixture. ( To be fair I was trying to mix it more but it keep splattering on me. 😦 )


My hand, arm, and sleeve splatered in plaster

After filling out molds we waited for 30 minutes for it to set.  While waiting Courtney decided to dig a trench in front of our molds since the waves were strong that day and it would sometimes always go up to the spot that we had setup.  In fact just after we hit the 30 minute mark a wave came right up over the molds and we hadn’t dug them up yet!  Both of us were scrambling to dig up our molds! XD


Courtney digging a trench to protect our molds

Thankfully our molds were ok and they look really good!  I had a lot of fun doing this activity and I think I might take my little brother and do this again.  Bonus there is a really good Italian deli on Main Street so two activities in one location!


hand molds right after digging them out


Hand molds dried and clean


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