Wk 3 – Activity – Social Photography

Week 3’s activity was Social Photography which was everyone in the class had to post at least 4 pictures onto Instagram and use the hashtag #art110f15.  It was really interesting to see what everyone was doing during the whole day.  I was slightly surprised that their were no photos of people in classrooms but at the same time most people who use Instagram go for artistic pictures even with everyday items.  In fact I even posted a close up of my water bottle! 🙂 I also really liked Rachel’s photo of her In-N-Out cup.


A picture of my hydro flask while studying


Rachel’s artsy photo at her local In-N-Out









I did feel like we were a community since everyone kind of did the same or similar activities, such as going to the art galleries and getting drinks or ice cream to cool off.


My picture of shaved ice from Kups


Stephanie and her friends getting Starbucks









However, at the same time I get the sense we were all disconnected since at some point out paths diverged and everyone was doing their own thing at their own time.  Overall it was interesting to share my own day and see everyone else’s.  Everyone had happy pictures like hanging out with friends and doing fun activities and seeing that actually made my day a little brighter. 🙂


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