Wk4 – Activity – Painting


Venice Graffiti Wall

Our activity this week was unconventional for a painting project.  This week we went to Venice Beach and had to write our name in bubble letter.  I carpooled to Venice with JeanineInessa, and Courtney and we just shared spray paint cans.  We were initially hesitant to start painting since we did not know if we were allowed to paint without a permit but there was no one around to help us so we went ahead and did it.  Since I have never spray painted anything before I did not have any technique or approach.  I realized immediately that spray paint was difficult to spray and was kind of patchy.  Also the fumes were not very pleasant but I got use to it. XD


Nick, Jeanine, Inessa, and Courtney looking at our master piece

The walls looked really cool but it made me kinda sad that people left spray paint cans everywhere.  Also if you looked up close at my name you would see that its was kind of opaque since I wanted to make sure I had enough spray paint for everyone.  But if you look at the piece behind my name it was a solid color and you could not see any trace of the previous piece.  It takes so time and dedication to get these pieces done.


Me next to my name


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