Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Emily Hernandez


Me holding my self-portrait with Emily

This week I got to chat with 22 year old, Emily Hernandez, who is a senior at CSULB.  In addition to studying art she is currently getting her teaching credential.  Emily was inspired to become a art teacher by her own high school art teacher.  She had never taken an art class until her senior year of high school which she felt was already too late.  At first she though she was not very good however her teacher kept encouraging her.  Now she want to be the one to encourage kids to pursue art. While Emily is learning to be a teacher she still believes it is important that she grows as an artist.


Callous by Emily Hernandez

All the pieces painted by Emily in her show, Dear Ones, were oil paintings, however she does dapple in other areas of art.  She favors painting with oil on masonite since she like the slow-drying nature of oil but the fast-absorbing nature of the masonite.  All her pieces were surreal with the exception of her piece called Stella, a portrait of her dog, which she painted in 15 mins.  In fact it is one of her favor from this particular show.  “For 15 minutes I kinda had to really commit to things…its kinda satisfying to just have to make a decision when your painting and have to make it quick …there is something kinda special about the short paintings.”


Stella by Emily Hernandez

Most of Emily’s are portraits of herself since she doesn’t have the money to hire models.  If you would like to see more of her work check out her Instagram MissyMonks.  On there you can check out her latest project and commission.  She paints portraits of people, animals, and makes ceramic earrings for commission.


Self Portrait by Emily Hernandez


The Split by Emily Hernandez


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