Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Jeanine Pham


Jeanine and I posing next to silicon and faux fur motorcycle

On Thursday I got to talk to Jeanine for the first time today.  (We actually ended up carpooling to Venice together and I got to meet her boyfriend Nick.)  She is a second year Biology major and hopes to one day become and labor and delivery nurse.  I briefly shared a story with her how I went on a hospital tour my freshmen year of high school and how the blood on one of the used beds of the delivery room traumatized me.  (Not because I am afraid of blood but the thought of what was going on for the blood to be there freaked me out.) However back to Jeanine, she wants to be a delivery nurse because she always like babies and helping people.  It wasn’t until high school that she became interested in the process pregnancy and delivery.


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