Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

This week’s activity we were suppose to go from dusk to dawn without electricity.  So that meant no lights, cell phones, iPads, and laptops.  I was already unsure about this activity since I like to read on my phone before I got to sleep so I was worry about not being able to fall asleep.  However, that was not too much of a problem compare to trying to do homework in candle light!  I like to rewrite my notes so I had printed out all the necessary slides I needed before the sunset.  In addition I decided to stay in my room for the night so I wouldn’t have to subject my family to do the experiment with me.  I settled in a corner of my room to use as a temporary table.  However I couldn’t really concentrate on my notes since the candle kept flickering.  In addition I had smaller candles and the wax kept overflowing.


Overflowed candles


Homework setup (morning after)

Lucky I had spend most of the night before that trying to entertain some family friend kids.  They were very sweet and would sit in the dark with me.  We played Exploding Kittens, which is a card game, and hide-and-seek in the dark. (We actually play hide-and-seek in the dark all the time when they come over so that was nothing new)


Exploding Kittens

I think the only thing I kind of enjoyed was showering by candle light (but i had to use about 4 candles). I might try that again.  Other than that I am so glad I love in a country that has electricity.



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