Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui


Kiyomi posing to piece from her show, Reminiscing Remnants: Survival List for the Scary World

Kiyomi Fukui has been in the United States for 8 years since moving from Japan.  She originally started this collection when she lost someone close to her.  Her art is created by cutting out Japanese gampi paper in the shape of the tables and she would paint it with beet juice.  Once it dried she would have people come over to have tea.  Any of the stains that happen after are things that just happen during her tea parties.  Her pieces are “remnants” of her spending time with people.


Kiyomi favorite piece

One of Kiyomi favorite pieces is the one with a giant gaping whole because while she was having her tea party a guess accidentally poured some tea over some sugar cubes which crystallized to the table.  When it came time to lift the placemat off the table the paper started tearing.   This was the first time it happen to Kiyomi and she started freaking out was it ripped.  However now she really likes how it is a reminder of what happen.  In fact close up you can still see the crystallized sugar!


Crystalized Sugar

Kiyomi also does a bit of experimenting with the beet juice.  Depending on the consistency and mixture of her juice it varies in color and how the paper fades.  For instance the piece in the picture below is a bit more intense and she states that may have been because of the beets being organic.


The piece that was most intense in color

You can also that effect when she did a longer rectangular pieces where she used different beet juices since she ran out one.


Largest piece in her show

Even after this show her art will actually continue to keep changing in color.  As her pieces age they fade in color.  One of her first larger pieces is now a yellow paper with some green spots (since she also had beet leaves in it).  As time does on her brighter piece will also fade.  That may sound a bit sad but I believe  that is part of Kiyomi message (unintentionally).  Her whole show revolved around the idea that this is her archive, pieces of her past for you to stop, inspect, and enjoy it.  The fact that it fades really makes you stop and try to take a mental picture of what the color and texture looks like before it slowly fades away.



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