Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art


Me broadcasting while I was trying to find food

This week for our activity we had to broadcast and watch 60 minutes on Periscope.  I actually tried to broadcast by myself the first time and I hadn’t even bother watching many broadcast beforehand.  At first it wasn’t too bad and someone was actually really excited to talk to me because me had the same first and last time!  I quickly realized that I was terrible at reading people’s name and I was very uncomfortable with putting face close to the camera.  However after 10 minutes of broadcasting people stop talking and it became very awkward.


Me and Courtney broadcasting together

The second time I tried broadcasting it was with Courtney and I found the experience much more enjoyable.  It was comforting having a friend to talk to when no one was commenting.  We actually broadcasted once on Courtney’s account and a second time on my account.  The reason we ended Courtney’s broadcast was because even though we had 3 people watching no one was commenting and it got awkward.  On my broadcast even though we only had two people at the end it was fun because they keep commenting and chatting with us.  It was really cool seeing people from different countries talk to us.  We did have a pretty funny experience in one of our broadcast.  One of the people watching was @alfaal when we where chatting Courtney and I couldn’t really see their photo and I called them a girl.  They replied that their were a boy and even left to go change their profile picture.  I felt so bad and I kept apologizing.  They came back and there were no hard feelings. XD

I watched a few people and some classmate.  I think the broadcast I enjoyed the most was @balewe who was a girl from Dubai.  I take a screenshot of her broadcast and she told her friend someone took a snapshot.  I immediately commented that it was me and I explained that I was doing it for a school project.  She got pretty excited and said she was doing Periscope for a school project also!  Defiantly follow her! She was really cool and nice!


Me watching Ran’s broadcast


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