Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Dawn Derry & Anahid Malek-Stepanians


Eventide by Dawn Derry

When I walked into Dawn and Anahid’s show, Viewpoint, I could not help but think about the question of the week “What is the relation of color and emotion?”.  Both of their work’s revolved around nature and color played a very important roll.  While both artist had their own style both used different combinations of color and create a certain emotion.  For example, when I look at Dawn’s Eventide give me a sense of warmth from the red and orange tones.  While I can not physical feel any warmth my brain is telling me the last rays of sunlight is about to disappear and I will soon be envelop by darkness.  I experience something very similar to Anahid’s painting, Winter, which was inspired by her trip to Vancouver.  Except instead of experiencing warmth it is a little bit chillier and in my head it is a bit quieter.


Winter by Anahid Malek-Stepanians

Dawn’s have a more minimalistic style compared to Anahid’s paintings.  She states that she like to paint on the ground better since it is more freeing, once is it is on the wall it becomes to precious.  Anahid didnt state if she had any preferece to that but they both agreed that they liked painting in oil better.  They would be the second artists I asked about what they preferred to paint with and I still got the same reply.  Anahid stated that acrylic drys too face but she does paint with acrylic as a base layer and then once over with oil to “add life”.  In addition she also uses a pallet knife to physically carve into her paintings to add texture.


Fall by Anahid Malek-Stepanians

While both ladies have their very own unique style and processes they come together to share the same idea.  They want us to stop, look up from our phones and enjoy the beauty around us.  “Through our painting we are expressing a point of view of our surrounding through abstraction. We are taking the scenery of shapes, colors and texture and breaking them into simplified forms to relate the power nature has on our being.”  If you would like to contact Dawn for more info on her artwork email her at dawn_derry@yahoo.com.

Aggregate 1 by Dawn Derry

Aggregate 1 by Dawn Derry



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