Wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Nick Ramirez


Me and Nick

This week I got the pleasure of talking to Nick who is a 4th year here at CSULB.  Nick original was a criminal justice major but after a while he couldn’t see himself doing that in the long run.  He then switched over to kinesiology! He has always been an active person since childhood.  Since he is such an active person he can relate to athletes and help train them.  When he is not being active Nick likes to draw,  watch Netflix, cook, and play video games.

One thing that Nick and I have in common is we are both the oldest sibling.  We briefly talked about stereotypes of being an older sibling and if we think had any of those traits.  We both agreed that we did see some of the traits in ourselves but not every oldest sibling have to have those traits.

For this week’s question “How do you interpret color and emotions?”.  Nick stated he thinks color is perceived differently by everyone.  What these colors mean to him could be different for someone else because of experiences that they have had in their life.  I have to say I completely agree with this.  I recently watched a of a colorblind person seeing purple for the first time. (If you have not seen this you should go watch it!) I think his interpretations of color are much different than ours because like Nick said his pass experiences.


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