Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

This week’s artistic conversation is about Jane Weibel, who is currently studying ceramics CSULB.  She has always be artist and started off as a graphic art major but soon discovered her love for ceramics.  Weibel now only has one more year before she graduates.  After she plans on entering graduate school for either ceramics or sculpture.


One corner of Weibel’s gallery

Weibel was originally inspired to do this gallery when she lost her grandmother who had alzheimer.  She began contemplating how fragile memories are.  Weibel stated “…our brains rewrite our memories every time we think of them.  Well, fuck me.” She began making her gallery trying to capture things from her childhood.  Weibel associate anything that she remembered more vividly with brighter colors.  While any memories that were not as clear she used a duller color.  Her gallery pieces are made of ceramic, rope, and fibers.  On certain pieces she does use colorful zip ties to hold them together.  Weibel does this to demonstrate how fragile memories can be and that we have to sometime put effort to keep the together.


Back wall of gallery

I can relate to Weibel want to reminisce.  As human we want to reminisce about old times when life was simpler and ignorance was bliss.   Childhood is the epitome of of those things.  My very own grandmother has started developing alzheimer.  The memories she remember best are actually her childhood’s and she always seems so happy when she recalls them.  I think Weibel has do a great job in making the audiences contemplate their past and enjoying what they have.


Hoops from the celling


One of Weibel’s favorite pieces (left)


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