Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Megan Arce


Me and Megan

I got to meet Megan last Thursday during our weekly visit at the CSULB art gallery!  She is currently 19 and is a second year human development major.  Megan hopes to either go graduate school for occupational therapy or transfer to Mount Mary University where they have a dual program so that she could get her bachelors and masters at the same time.  She want to go into pediatric occupational therapy and specialize in sensory.  In addition to got to school full time Megan also works as a help coach at 15U club soccer team.

This week’s question of the week was “If you could dye your hair any crazy color what color would you pick and why?”  I actually tried dying my hair purple the summer going into my sophomore year of college.  In the end I decided it was too much of an up keep and I stopped dying my hair.  Soon after I decided to cut my hair to shoulder length because I hated the color of my hair after the purple faded (To be fair I LOVE my short hair!). If I could do it again with out all the effort I would dye my hair dark purple or silver purple.  Megan said she would like to try pastel purple since it looks pretty and it’s her favorite color.  After chatting a bit Megan confessed that she was actually going to get her hair dyed on Friday!  But instead of dying it purple she is going to get balayage highlights added to her hair! I can’t wait to see how it looks!


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