Wk8 – Activity – Art Writing & Editing

For this week’s activity we got to critique one of our classmate’s post and one of own post.  I got to critique Diana Solis‘s post on Jane Weibel.  Solis’s post was very short and to the point, which I liked.  However, on some parts it seemed too short.  Some of her sentences in the first two paragraphs were very choppy and could have been fixed by combining them togethers.  Another thing that I personally did not agree on was her use of pronouns.  She would restate Weibel’s full name a few times in her article which I found unnecessary.  I did like that she gave an example of how Weibel’s art reminded her of her own childhood.  Especially since that was the whole purpose of Weibel’s gallery was to create away to solidify her own memories of childhood, which Solis stated clearly.

On my own post one of the first errors I found was a spelling error.  In addition rereading the quote I inserted could have been cut so that it only included the part I wanted. I think both my and Solis’s errors could be solve by simply proofreading.  Either proofread it ourself or have someone else read our blog post beforehand. It is always nice to have a fresh set of eyes to look over your work.


Here is a snapchat of my dinner!



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