Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

This week’s activity was the most creative and challenging activity yet.  Normally our projects are individual activities but this week he formed groups.  My group consisted of Courtney SakumaNick Ramirez, and myself.  We were suppose to tell a story through different types of social media and leave “clues” so that as a whole they told a story.  Each of us were suppose to make one fictional character and portray them in the social media account that we made.  My alternate personal was Swanhilda Kekepania, who had just moved into a house with her friends Melanie Hemera (Courtney)  and Artemidoros Epiphanius (Nick).  The premise of the story is the three of us unknowingly move into a haunted house.  All of us experiences things going missing or hear unexplainable noises.  After a month of living in the house we finally get a sign that we can not ignore and we decide to move out.  Our group decide to tell our story though a blog and each of us had our own personal instagram.

Character Analysis:
Swanhild Kekepania, also know as Swan, is a 20 year old female who lives in Long Beach.  She is currently going to school and working as a waitress.  She like to write short stories and dreams of one day of traveling around the world and writing about it.  Swan’s favorite movie is Black Swan because her name is in it but also the weird deeper meaning of the story intrigues her. Plus who doesn’t like Nateli Portman and Mila Kunis!  She likes to eat breakfast burritos and has an overactive imagination.

Blog: crazyshithappens.wordpress.com
Instagram: black_swan27

While the project was very creative it was difficult to do in less than a week.  I wanted to build more on the story but the entire time I felt very restricted since I didn’t have enough time.  I personally thought we had a great idea it just wants executed as well as I would have liked.  Maybe next time this project could be a 2 week project?


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