Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Eugenio Michelini

At the beginning of the week I was pretty set on going to our class guess speaker’s gallery since they had some really interesting art and ideas.  However when I went in to listen to the conversation there were about 20 other people crowed around him and I could not hear anything.  Courtney and I decide to go look around at the other galleries.  I remember see the Merlino Gallery door being open so I headed over but the door was close.  As I slowed down a man smiled told me the gallery was open, he later turned out to be the artist.  I was in slight awe when I finally went into the small room.  In the middle of the room was a ceramic koi pond with lotus and oranges that gave off a soft glow.  At that moment I knew I had found my piece for the week.


Memories by Eugenio Michelini

This week’s artist is Eugenio Michelini.  Michelini is a ceramics major who is working towards is Bachelors of Fine Art at California State University of Long Beach.  After finishing his Bachelors he plans to going to the east coast for a Masters of Fine Arts.  He want to go to a school that can not only offer him a scholarships but also a fellowship.  Michelini was inspired to do this piece, called Memories, based on the idea of how memories influence our present.   “Every day our memories influence our decision for everything we do, or we want to do in the future.  Our present is therefore influenced by the past memories, and the desire for future memories lead us to change them.”  As a child he use to spend is Sundays at a pond look at carps swim around.  As he grew older every time he saw a Koi pond it would remind him of his childhood.


Close up of one of the lotus

Michelini specifically picked porcelain because it has “memory”.  When a piece of porcelain breaks can never be truly fixed, it “remember”.  It may appeared fixed in green ware form, but when you fire it will break apart again.  The piece itself is made out of 24 individually crafted parts.  With a variety of koi, lotus, and circus in different colors.   Michelini had to make a master mold for each of the objects which could be quite tedious.  He stated the koi models took him longer since they were larger but also he had to hand draw all the scales.  Once he made one master mold he was able to use it to make others.  Making the entire project took about 5 months.


Close up of the master mold of the Koi


Master mold of Koi minus the fins


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