Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit


Me interacting with the art

This week’s artist is Matthew Dumpit, a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) student who major in metals at CSULB.  After finishing school he would like to a studio firm that does creative design.  He would also like to do some gallery shows in LA or Seattle.  Dumpit was inspired to do this show by his fascination in movement and emotion.  For all of the smaller pieces depending on what emotion he felt it would effect the outcome of his pieces and the way it moved.


metal chair

When I initially walked into the Werby Gallery I thought it was going to be someone playing a short clip with props around since it was so dark.  This was something I had seen in a few previous galleries.  However to my surprise there was a few pieces around, large and small.  What captured my attention was how the artist use his pieces to cast shadows on the wall. Also I think one of the things I really appreciate from Dumpit’s gallery is how minimalistic everything seems from “afar” but when you look at it up close you realize how complex it is. All his pieces in this gallery have this trait.  The chair seem like it just a simple chair but as you can see from the shadow and when you look at it up-close there is so much more.


Up-close at one of the smaller pieces


A few of Dumpit’s smaller pieces

They way his art move is almost memorizing.  I was initially so surprised when I saw someone turn the little crank of the pieces on the wall.  The movements are not that complex but it is fascinating to watch.  Ironically the gif below was an accident and it is my favorite.  I was trying to take a picture of the reflections but I started recording instead.  I find the complex but simple patterns of the lights very hypnotizing and relaxing. ezgif.com-crop

If you would like to learn more about his art or contact Dumpit his email is down bellow.

Email: md2151@gmail.com


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