Wk11 – Extra Credit – Geocache

For extra credit we had to go find our classmates geocache’s.  I decide to meet up with Courtney on Friday to go around campus and look for them.  The first one we found was Fire hydrant.  It was really easy to found.


Fire hydrant


Fire hydrant

The next we found was Wintergreen Altoids.  This one was a little bit harder to find since the coordinates where off but photo was really helpful.


Wintergreen Altoids (inside)

I also saw ThrYar found this geocache (he found almost all the ones we found that day too) !  He leaves a wooden coin in the tins after finding them.


ThrYar coin (front)


ThrYar coin (back)







The 3rd one we found was Nebraska!  The hint for this one was funny and helpful!  I have to say this way the best one that we found that day since it had a helpful hint and the right coordinates. ( You can see ThrYar siginture as the first one! XD )



The last one Courtney and I decided to find turned out to be the hardest one to find! It was CSULB-Altoids container.  It was marked in the CSULB parking lot (the one between the dorms and the pyramid).  We walked our there and the location was at an empty spot we proceeded to wonder around the spot for 10 minutes.  After reading some comments we found out it was in the ground floor of the parking structure.  Once we got over there I spotted it after a few minutes.  However we hit another wall it!


Short people problems

Both Courtney and I are roughly 5’2″ and it was too high for us to reach.  Courtney wanted to try jumping up to get it but we were afraid it would slide further into the whole it was in.  We decided that I could just boost Courtney up and she could grab it.


CSULB-Altoids container (inside)


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