Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


When I first saw the gallery I fell in love with how whimsical the pieces where.  But upon a closer look you could see some of them are devious and depressed.  I imagined  that artist being someone more serious and may have been depressed since some of their pieces where darker.  However upon seeing Kathy I saw I was completely wrong.  Kathy seem like your normal average girl who was very cheerful and happy.  That was something Kathy wanted to see if the audiences got a sense of who she was and if they related to any of the emotions her pieces were felling.


Kathy Yoon is currently a ceramic major senior at CSULB.  This will be her last year and this is her senior gallery.  In addition, this is her first sole gallery and it was very exciting for her.  After graduating Kathy hopes to join an character designing company and continue doing galleries.  Each of the figures took about 2-3 weeks to make, however some took even longer.  All of them are hollow and were fired twice.  She choice to use red since it has multiple meaning and she didn’t want her figures to be just plain white.  She has never done figures like these before.  Kathy previously had done animals figures and enjoys working on the fur textures of them.


I really enjoyed the gallery and the different emotion each of the figures where expressing.  I think one of my favorite was the one where it is leaning its head against the wall.  Its posture expresses this emotion of frustration and being ready to give up.  I have been feeling that a lot lately due to school and midterms.



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