Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer


Jennifer and Chloe (when she was a puppy)

This week I got the pleasure to talk to Jennifer Palacios, who has the top grade in our class!  Jennifer is 18 and going to be turning 19 on Monday!! (Happy Early Birthday to Jennifer!! 🙂 ) She is currently a second year majoring in criminal justice. During her free time she likes to read, watch Netflix and play with her dogs.  Jennifer has two dog, Coco and Chloe, who she stated are her babies. ❤ In addition Jennifer is also really into Disney stuff! She has an annual pass holder and goes almost twice every month.  She hopes to one day get a tattoo by Hannah Pixie Sykes, Kat Von D and/or her brother.  She enjoys all of their art and wants a tattoo with something about either Disney or her dogs.  (I suggested she get one of Stitch hugging her dogs. XD )

Question of the Week: “Compare your definition of “Art” 13 weeks ago, and your definition of “Art” today.”  Jennifer stated that her perception of art had changed.  She now know that art varies and there is not only a single type of art in the world.  Also she now knows that art dose not have to take someone a long time to make it can be something very simple but still have a big impact on the audience.


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